Hello! I'm Aia. I joined the BigBlogX 2014. Hope I can compel you into voting for me with my motivation on my BigBlogX Blogger's Profile here. Please, please, please vote for me? :3 Click on vote for me and then enter your email address. They will send an email with a confirmation link for your vote to be counted.

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The voting phase of the competition is coming to an end at any moment now — Philippines is ahead by a day or hours, not so sure. I am having a bad case of jitters. Lots of thoughts — random conflicting thoughts — battling in my mind. I wish I am like most of these hopeful bloggers, calm and collected, accepting and prepared. I feel so negative, and I hate it. 

Despite all the negative vibe my mind is putting me into, my heart is trying to balance it out with some positivity. I will forever be glad I entered this competition and actually did something. At least I won’t wonder my entire life about what ifs. Along this journey. I’ve also met alot of interesting bloggers that I will surely follow even after this is over; I wouldn’t have found them if it wasn’t for this. Seeing and reading all their posts make it seem like, somehow, I am also where they are. And the camaraderie… I think that is the best thing The Big Blog Exchange has ever taught me. I don’t know how the team and this project have managed to gather all the competitors up and not cause a cockfight. HAHAHA! Kidding aside, I love that they make it seem like we are a family. Or is it just me? Hope not! :p

Whoever makes a place to the 16 bloggers, I will surely be up to date with their daily posts; like how I got to know and love Camie and Kisty, not to mention, this project by HI. Anyways, good luck to all of us! :) 

P.S. Your last minute votes may still make a difference. Here’s the link to my BBE profile. Just click ‘vote for me’ and enter email address. Don’t forget to confirm your vote by clicking the link that will be sent to your email address. Thank you, again, so much, for all the people who are continuously rooting for me. :)

31/31 LOVE The August Break 2014

It’s the end of The August Break. I did it! Although, not with flying colors. But I did it! I didn’t give up on the middle of it. Woot! That is an achievement for me! Hahaha!

What a great word to end this annual project. Love. Love on the 31st of August. This day has always been special to me. This is the day Nikk and I first met — 6 years ago. Also the day we’ve launched Nikk and Aia Photography — it’s our 2nd anniversary btw. :D

August 31. 8/31. 8 letters, 3 words, 1 meaning. This day is indeed LOVE. <3

P.S. I do not know why Tumblr did not post this yesterday.:(

30/31 SOFT The August Break 2014

29/31 NATURE The August Break 2014

28/31 SOMETHING NEW The August Break 2014

Nikk and I finally decided to make a separate Facebook page for some of our carefully curated film shots — Love For Film. You may, or may not, like it on Facebook. :p

Kiev 60 // Fuji Pro 400H

27/31 LINES The August Break 2014

26/31 MORNING The August Break 2014

BERSIKULO: SALMO MULA SA LOOB (a communion of voices)

I think only a handful of people know I have this soft spot for poetry. And only a handful — 3 close friends to be exact — who I actually have the courage to show the things I’ve written; my best friend, my cousin who rescued me from my recent driving incident, and Pat a.k.a speakfreekid. Writing poetry is one of the things I genuinely do for myself — just for myself; every verse I have knitted together were pulled at my heartstrings. That is why I don’t like showing it to others, as much as possible. Another reason is because I’m shy. I am never a good writer, nor do I think I will ever be. Also, these three folks are the only people I know who can appreciate what I have to say. 

Perhaps, this — poetry — is one of the things why Pat and I have a very special connection, I mean besides to… HAHAHA! We even planned to do a poetry reading sesh showing all the feels in every line; still hasn’t happened yet. So one Thursday, I joined her on this event at The Collective — Berikulo: Salmo Sa Loob, in english Verse: Psalm from Within. She was invited to read one of her works. I never knew we have this kind of community in our country. I never bothered looking too. Seeing all the passionate people for the written word was really moving. It makes me want to write more. 

They hold this kind of event in different cafes and bars. If you’re interested, you can get updates by following them on Facebook. They have one tomorrow at Me Love You Long Time at Z Compound 33 A Malingap St., Teachers’ Village, Q.C, 7pm. 

Let’s support Philippine Literature! :)

P.S. Sorry for the sucky, blurred photos. I thought the flash can compensate for the slow shutter speed. Huhu.

Nikon F80 // Kodak Ultima 100

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