Hello! I'm Aia. I joined this year's BigBlogX. I'm very lucky to be part of the top 100 finalists. My sincerest thank you to everyone who voted for me.

Congratulations to every one who made it to the finals. On Sept 16, they will announce the 16 bloggers who'll get to swap blogs and countries. And now the waiting game begins...

You can read all about The Big Blog Exchange here and here.:)

This is a tad bit late but here goes…

"You came and changed the weather. I was expecting thunder, but you gave me a sign. And then you gave me a smile." :)

I’m pretty sure Barbie Almalbis wrote this song for God but, a love song is a love song, and you, Nikk, make me smile. I was trying to make you a full length playlist, love, but I only have 3 songs for it yet so… I don’t know what to say. Happy birthday! I love you. And you make me proud, always! :) You’re the best I ever had, and will always have. Thank you for your undying patience, I don’t know how you do that. You’re awesome! I am still in crush with you. I am always in love with you. I will forever be here for you. I love you even when I hate you! :3

Instax Mini shot taken with Canon Eos M at Mt. Samat awhile ago. :)

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I'm part of the top 100 finalist of BBE! <3
Thank you to everyone who voted.:')