I’m not the type of photographer who’s really into boudoir. This is actually my very first boudoir shoot and I’m pretty proud to say it is paid. Yes, I got paid shooting this. Woot! :D

What made this shoot challenging is I have to shoot it without Nikk. I have a little self-esteem issues when it comes to being a "photographer". I always draw my confidence to Nikk. When he’s around I know I can make great photos, and if I couldn’t make even one I know Nikk’s photos always are great so there isn’t much pressure to me. Y’know. The model, she’s actually getting married next year and one of our clients, asked me to shoot her boudoir without Nikk so… I don’t know if Nikk is just being bias but he said I did OK. Yey! :D Accomplishment indeed.

Canon 6D // VSCO

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