That photo seriously looks taken during the 90’s. This is why I love film so much. :3

Let me start my ‘bombarding’, of course, with airport shots. I am not the biggest fan of airplane rides. I remember admitting on my old blog that one of the reasons why I am not so much into traveling — lack of fund is the main reason of course — is because I hate take offs. I especially hate that part. But what I hate even more is that I cannot listen to my iPod during that time. I mean c’mon, that is why gadgets have airplane mode. Two FA’s called my attention to fucking turn off my iPod. I wanted to tell them that I am scared as hell and I needed to listen to my music to calm down, but I didn’t have the energy to and I am not that much of a rebel as much as I want to be so.. 

Anyways, we have the perfect flight schedule. We arrived at Hong Kong at around 10am on a Thursday (Dec 5) and our departure was 10pm last Sunday (Dec 8). Sulit na sulit yung 4 days. And of course, I took the oppurtunity to take a selfie at the plane’s lavatory. 

P.S. I’ll be putting our HK trip under the tag Hong Kong Trip 2013. So if you’d like to view all of it, it’ll be easier.:) 

Canon AE-1P // Fuji Superia 400

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