I am not the bookworm type of person. I read, but I do not read my ass off for most of my time. I can read maybe, 5-6 books a year? I started this book project last year where I promised myself I would read one book per month. Initially, I was thinking of two books per month, since December 2012 was a really good year for me and my books, or more like e-books cause I’m a cheapskate and I don’t buy actual books. It started out pretty great in 2013, until February came. Yeah, that fast. Haha! I got stuck with Life of Pie and The Abundance of Katherine’s. I can usually drop a book if I’m not really interested, even in the middle of the story, and I won’t feel anything about it. But these two, I don’t know but I’ve been having this unaccomplished feeling right after I dropped it off. And I’ve been having a hard time finishing the next books I wanted to read since then. I haven’t finished Catching Fire yet. I started it before the movie came out. I even dropped Interview with the Vampire for it. And now, I’m still in the middle of both books. I’m hopeless. 

I do genuinely love some books. I wanted to get a copy of Adolf Hitler’s journal. That is one thing I love reading, autobiographies and journals, whether it is real, or a fictional journal.  

Anyways, I’ve always wanted a self-portrait inside a library, especially in Fullybooked. A bit pretentious of me, right? Hahaha! Besides that intellectual vibe it gives off to my personality, the thrill of getting a photo inside establishments like this is well, thrilling. I think the latter is what I’m really after for. 

Canon AE-1p // Brooks 400

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